I’m Lainey Hope.  I decided to journal here this summer, between freshman and sophomore year, in honor of my middle name and to honor the four hope-filled ladies in my family who share the name Hope:

  • My grandmother’s aunt, who lost her life at an early age
  • My grandmother, who lost her life when I was 2 months old
  • My mother, who is a ‘junior’ to my grandmother but goes by Holly
  • My one-year-old cousin, who is named chiefly for my grandmother

Each journal entry will first consist of my photography.  I take some pictures on my phone, but most pictures come from a DSLR camera and 50 mm fixed lens that my uncle generously gifted to me, to my total surprise, three years ago on no special occasion. The photos will be accompanied by an explanation of one habit for cultivating a Hope-Filled Heart.

To all my friends from school/other places: thank you for coming! I encourage you to stock up on hope like it is on a crazy sale.

To all my family members: thank you for coming! I encourage you to dwell on the name Hope that we have so wholeheartedly embraced.

Happy Habits!

With Hope,



9 thoughts on “Hope

  1. What a great way to start your summer! As you get into a rhythm with this, you will catch your stride. I look forward to seeing where this takes you. 🙂


  2. Lainey!
    I love this invitation to stock up on hope! Beautiful. So in awe of you and your gifts. Jeff shared you are a southern biscuit sonnet writer as well?! Much love. And happy summer!!!! Milk it for all its wonderful offerings. XO


  3. This is just wonderful, Lainey. It is a delightful pursuit for your summer . . . and a touching tribute to the Hope in this family. Go for it, my dear Lainey. I love you and am so proud of you. Anne


  4. Lainey, I look forward to your journal entries. Hope is a wonderful gift, and a beautiful name.
    Your cousin,


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