Count Your Blessings

Did your mom ever sing you the song “Count Your Blessings?”

It is very catchy. I sang it as a second-grader in a kids’ choir.

Keeping a testament for myself of the goodness I see in multitudes all around me is my number two habit for filling my heart with hope.

When I was eleven, I decided to literally count my blessings.

June 19, 2015 062

Every day was like a treasure hunt, and all the treasures I found, I put in this little blue journal my aunt gave me.

The journal begin with my favorite psalm at the time.

Psalm 103
Psalm 103

Then I numbered all my blessings (in no particular order).

things to notice and give thanks for
things to notice and give thanks for

At this point in my life, my family lived in a 3-bedroom house, so I shared a room with my 2-year-old brother.  One time during his nap, he climbed out of his crib.  This was an everyday occurance.  One day, in 2012, he scribbled on this journal.

June 19, 2015 064

June 19, 2015 063
May 18, 2012

I counted the scribble as a blessing, in multiple places.

I had a second gratitude journal after I filled this one up. At the moment I can’t find it. I filled the second one up, too. Here is the third one:

gratitude #3
gratitude #3

As you can see, it is not fancy.  You can get these for 75 cents.

This journal went from April 2013 to May 2014. (In case you are wondering – No, I do not journal every day, but most days I write something.) Here is the title page:

June 19, 2015 079

Jehovah Jireh is a Hebrew name for God meaning “The LORD (Yahweh/Jehovah) provides for us.”

3 of my favorite sections:

october 2013
october 2013
snow.  march 2014
June 19, 2015 051
october 2013

I made it all the way to 4,309 blessings over three years.  Yep.  That is four thousand,  three hundred, and nine gifts, and that does not even begin to reach the depths of my infinite blessings. Maybe I will write one more in there to round it off so the last one is not just toe nail polish!

4,039 blessings
4,039 blessings

I no longer literally count the blessings. It is impossible to count all of them, though making the attempt was probably the one habit that has given me the most joy in my life  – ever. And with joy comes an immense, liberating and overwhelming hope.

Instead, I count things that each chapter of the Bible says about God, in this 4th journal from the dollar store.

June 19, 2015 075
1 corinthians 11
June 19, 2015 049
galatians 2

I have already read the Holy Bible in English several times, so now I do about half English Bible Study and half Spanish Bible Study.  La Santa Biblia – the Bible in Spanish – is full of cognates (words that sound like English words).  So, studying La Santa Biblia is a phenomenal way to learn Spanish. Estudiar La Santa Biblia es una via phenomenal para aprender Espanol.  Yo amo la Santa Biblia como yo amo The Holy Bible.

June 19, 2015 078
dirty outside in vs. inside out
June 19, 2015 077
jesus levanta a una nina

My drawings help to cement things into my head and heart. The Women’s Bible Study teacher at my church, mentioned in my last post, taught me how to do this last summer. Go see her drawings in my last post. then follow the challenge I just added to my last post.

mack stiles talk
mack stiles talk

I also took notes in this journal from a conference – Cross Conference 2015 – that streamed live at my church. To see this talk, one of THE greatest talks that I have ever seen, follow this link:

Then go watch this one – my ABSOLUTE favorite:


1. Check out NY Times bestselling author Ann Voskamp for more on gratitude.

2. Count your blessings for a day. Who do you have to thank for them? Go thank them.

3.Try to figure out on your own what I wrote for things 1 Corinthians 11 says about God.

4. Follow this link.  Try to figure out what the Spanish means; it isn’t super difficult.


3 thoughts on “Count Your Blessings

  1. Lainey,

    I hope you are having a great summer! This is such an awesome way to learn Spanish and to study Gods word. I don’t know if you’ve ever been to Edward McKays used bookstore (there is one off battleground in Greensboro) but I have found several awesome devotionals by different Christians authors like John Piper in Spanish there-you should check it out!

    Hope you are getting excited for your sophomore year!
    Sra. Newton


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