Look People Straight in the Eye

Making eye contact with others is a hope-filling habit.

Seeing someone’s eyes means they are probably looking back at me.

dad. he gave me brown eyes.

Doesn’t that fill me with hope?  It shows me that they are paying an interest in me.

blue/green eyes
blue/green eyes

It says that they find me worth listening to.

smiling eyes
smiling eyes

I greatly enjoy running.  I live in a maze- like residential area within walking/biking/running distance of 5 elaborate tree-filled parks. Often while I am running, the sidewalks and parks teem with individuals and families.

February-March 2014 166_Fotor

Bicentennial Ben_Fotor

I never run with any technology; I enjoy leaving it behind at home.

When I run past, I look people in the eye and say, “Good morning!” Or “Hi!” (something along those lines).

People in the area are very friendly, typically returning the eye contact and the greeting.

February-March 2014 146_Fotor

I think, “I could have missed that nice “Good morning” I just received if I hadn’t made the initiative to look their way and say Hi!”

Sometimes, in the parks, I see people with children.  All the kids run around in specially-detailed imagination worlds.

Sept-Early Oct 2013 217_Fotor

With a phone in front of their face, some people on park benches miss the sight of all the other people.  Where is the most precious place to fix my sight? Upon someone else, seeing them clearly.

In order to see people’s eyes, I cannot turn my back.  I must seek people face-forward.  When I do, more often than not, I am prized with what I seek:  hope in the form of beautiful people around me.

No person will always reciprocate eye contact. Even with the closest loved ones, times come when the object in front of them takes precedence over looking up at people. That is part of being human; no one can give attention to all things.

The eyes of the Lord are in every place, keeping watch on the evil and the good.” Proverbs 15:3

In contrast, the eyes of the Lord continually see everyone in the universe at once just as easily as I see all the fingers on my hand at once.

The eyes of the LORD are toward the righteous and his ears toward their cry.

The face of the LORD is against those who do evil, to cut off the memory of them from the earth.”

Psalm 34:15-16.

The Lord, in His holiness, will turn away His perfect eyes from all evil.

I do evil; my disobedience traps my heart as tightly as a massive malignant tumor.

Yet, the Lord looks on me with 100% favor – no condemnation- because He turned His face away from His Son on the cross.

Though Jesus is “the righteous” and I am “the evil,”  Jesus substituted His life for mine. Though I deserve to be cast away from God, I am seen by my Father with joyous grace and mercy.

When He died, Jesus satisfied the penalty for evil forever, and rose victorious from death on the third day of burial. And rising from death to look into the fully-revealed face of God is my grand hope – my sweetest delight.


1. Go walk/run in a park, look people in the eye, and greet them. Does this give you more hope or less hope than looking at your phone?

2. Seek the ones who love you the most with your face toward them – no turning your back or lowering your eyes away.


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