Listen to Great Music

What are your favorite songs?

Music is a beautiful, powerful piece of life.  Listening to great music is a habit for a hope-filled heart.

Music has a mood.  Slow songs in minor keys have a sad mood; songs in quick rhythm and major key sound happier.  And it isn’t only music theory that conveys mood; it’s also lyrics.  Lyrics can uplift us with a joyful, meaningful message, or fill our heads with thoughts of empty things.

Music can fill the otherwise-boring cracks in our days with beauty. When I am doing chores, for example, I often sing. In the early morning as I am riding to school, I listen to music. On rainy days, while cooking a meal, music can fill a house with warmth.

Listening to a song, or singing a song, can shift the tone of your thoughts.

Delighting in certain songs can effectively fill your heart with hope.

Here are a few of my favorite songs.

“40” by U2:

“Restless” by Switchfoot:

“Dear Refuge of My Weary Soul” by Indelible Grace:

These songs are excellent, both musically and lyrically.  I love listening to them and meditating on their messages.

Can you imagine life without music? Christmas with no carols, the super bowl with no National Anthem, high schools with no marching bands? Music enriches life and can fill our hearts with hope.


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