Be Creative

“Hope is like yeast and baking powder. It has energy that makes things rise.” – Macrina Weiderkehr

Who doesn’t hope to create beauty in life? Hope fuels creativity.

Whatever the art form – baking, singing, drawing, painting – creativity involves vision and passion.  With imagination and planning, we hope to make something pleasing and beautiful.

One time while babysitting, I got creative with photography – by accident.


We were in a room with all the lights off, playing hide and seek.  I gave the ‘seekers’ finger-flashlights – one red, one green. After counting, they shone the tiny lights into the dark corners, uncovering kids curled-up to hide. “Found you!!” we shouted, laughing.

In the middle of the game, a girl found my camera.

“Oooh! Can we take some pictures?” she asked.

“Sure,” I replied.

“Take a picture of me!” she said, posing.  It was pitch-dark in the room.  The picture won’t come out well, I thought to myself. It will be dark and blurry.

 But I smiled and said, “Okay!” and took the picture.

The shutter on my camera stalled, lingering open to snatch light out of near-blackness. To my surprise, as the kids shone their finger flashlights, the slow shutter-speed froze streams of bright color. The flashlights became paintbrushes on a dark canvas!

Elsa Flashlight

Camera in hand, I got the kids to swirl the lights around, making circles and squiggles of bright green and red.

Avi Flashlight

We discovered that shining the light onto the mirror made for double the magical, colorful circles and lines 🙂

Mirror Flash

Mirror Flashlight

As I look over these pictures,  I remember the excitement of seeing the first color-streaked photo. We had so much fun making the most of the tiny lights!

Without beauty and creativity, what purpose or pleasure would life hold?  But beneath fresh eyes that seek to make beauty in life, a hope-filled heart beats strong.

CHALLENGE: Take joy in creativity!  Use your imagination.  Beauty can be created from anything.


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